Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life was simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits. It may sound ridiculous, but if we take it in the literal sense, it really was.
Though invention of hi-tech gadgets has made our life easier, faster, better and more convenient, it does have a little downside as they are all man-made and hence, prone to imperfection. 

As a damning result of the unnecessary luxuries we didn’t need, we have become too dependent on technology. We need to have a life beyond the use of mobiles, Internet, gadgets and what not. But sadly, this is an addiction for which there is no rehabilitation!

Earlier, going to school and office were just about carrying a pack of books, lunch and water bottle; now it’s more of a style statement to flaunt the accessories that you own, including mobiles, I-pods, tablets, laptops etc.

Previously, when `good morning` wishes were the foremost thing to be done in the morning with the family, the first task nowadays is all about connecting with friends on social networking sites posting the latest status message.

Before the incessant march of technology, people were so dependent on traditional form of letter writing; in contemporary times it has almost come to the stage of extinction. The personal touch of scribbling down each word with a pen has lost its significance. We hardly notice a postman dispatching letters other than parcels and couriers.

Even sending greeting cards with personalized messages has taken a backseat as most people opt for e-cards.

Gone are the days when research was done flipping the hard copy of every book ‘with a touch’. This has drastically changed with the dawn of technology.

In a new study, it has been revealed that technology is killing traditional face-to-face conversation. This is very true when we think of the ways we exist today. Almost all forms of communication are done using mobiles, Internet browsing, chatting online, text messaging and emailing, which take away the time we used to spend with the family. The conventional conversation seems to be out of our priorities.

Besides, social networking sites and chat rooms are also to be blamed for the words which are misspelled these days. We tend to type words in short in a hurry and that becomes habitual. There’s a general attitude that correcting mistakes aren’t called for in web chat rooms. Unconventional spellings are accepted as it is faster to type them and this has become a norm. In contrast, earlier the handwriting and dictation were quite factually highlighted even in writing a simple letter.

Yes! Life indeed is much easier with the `Blackberries` and the `Apples`, but these sure haven’t made our life more peaceful.


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