Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unfollowing: Why You Should Never Bring it Up Again

In the middle of a friendly,cheerful, and animated conversation;

"You know, I'm really glad that we could get along like this. Isn't cool? Considering that I actually have unfollowed you in Twitter once."

"Oh really? I was not really aware of it."

"Ah, come on! Not an hour after I did that, you actually unfollowed me too."

"Hahaha. Alright, alright. I actually use that Unfollower detector thingy. You know, I was like … WOW! Why am I being unfollowed? What did I say wrong?"

"Yeah, why was it? I almost forgot."

"I'm dying to know why now."

"I guess it's because you were selling too many stuff then. Yeah. So you flooded the timeline with lots of weird hashtags."

"Oh really? You know what, I actually was glad you unfollowed me first. Because I was about to unfollow you first, but afraid you were gonna take it personally. So, the minute you unfollowed me, I was like  COOL! Now I could unfollow you without guilt!"

"Seriously? Why? Why did you want to unfollow me first?"

"Yeah, why? Let me try to remember."

"I'm dying to know."

"I guess because you were kinda - I mean, 'kinda'! - abusing the RT function. You know. You reply those daily questions from your friends with RT button instead of Reply."

"Really? I thought I didn't do that too often."

"Naaah. I really remember you did that quite often. Especially when your friends, colleagues, or whoever were giving you compliments and praises."

"But, at least I wasn't selling stuff."

"At least I knew how to use Twitter for a purpose."

"Oh really? Like making small money out of throwing stupid hashtags?"

"Hey! I didn't use Twitter for some ego-massage!"

"You're a bitch!"

"No, you're a bitch! Here! I'm unfollowing you now!"

"I'm blocking you! And reporting you as spam!"




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