Saturday, March 24, 2012

So, Tell Me Why You Want A Divorce?

HUBBY: I can't stand her attachment to Facebook. She just can't stop checking it every five bloody minutes!

WIFEY: Oh, you can't stand it because your buddy tagged you that photo where you were clearly staring at that slut's boobs!

HUBBY: I did not stare at her boobs. It's a stupid angle! You're the one who added random hot guys with six packed tummies as your *friends* in Facebook.

WIFEY: Hello! Everybody knows that they are gays! I did that only to tell you to go to the gym!

HUBBY: Oh, I love the way you communicate to your husband.

WIFEY: Don't teach me how to communicate, you BlackBerry-addict! You and your constant obsession with the number of your followers on Twitter!

HUBBY: I'm a marketing guy, for God's sake! I'm manning my corporate's Twitter account! I told you that a thousand times!

WIFEY: And, that's why you lock your own personal Twitter account and never accepted my following request?

HUBBY: I accepted you once, but then you unfollowed me. Remember?

WIFEY: I unfollowed you, because you never followed me back.

HUBBY: I never did that because I know you only use Twitter to do stupid chat with your friends.

WIFEY: Oh, and you do serial tweets on just whatever, from dinosaurs to the history of China! Just blog it if you wanna brag your Wikipedia knowledge, will ya'?!

HUBBY: Just like you brag about your interplanetary fashion styles in Blogspot?

WIFEY: I. Am. The. Best. Fashion. Blogger. In. Town! I have to appear weird! You are so unbelievably childish!

HUBBY: Talk to my hand!

WIFEY: I tried. I can't. Your hands are busy with your BlackBerry.

OKAY, OKAY! Please, stop! Let's start from the beginning. Where did
you two meet for the first time?


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