Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday Blind Date

"Hi, @SallyBieber. @parseltongued here. So, meet up tonight? Hacienda, 8pm?"
"Cool. Tell me where Hacienda is again?"
"Inside the mall around the corner. I'll be in the bar."
"Can't wait to see ya! Send me your pic again, please."
"Here you go. Also need to see your pic again." "Here you go. Nice abs!"
"I'm getting close. You there already?" "Yes, in the bar. Text me when
you're here."
"What are you wearing?"
"Blue and denim pants. You?"
"White and khakis with red sweater."
"Where are you now?"
"Entering the mall. Where exactly is Hacienda?"
"First floor, next to DVF."
"Where is DVF? I cannot see it."
"Past the Information Center."
"I've passed the Information Center. Still can't see DVF."
"First you see Marc Jacobs."
"Oh, okay. See Hacienda now. Where are you?"
"In the bar. Corner."
"I'm in Hacienda. Where's the bar?"
"First thing you see."
"Okay. There it is. So, where are you sitting?"
"I'm getting near."
"Just let me know."
"Here I am."
"Here you are."
"You look different."
"You too. That wasn't your pic"
"That wasn't your abs!"


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