Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crazy Broadcast

Yet another (stupid) broadcast message

I’m not a blackberry user, and won’t be one in the near future. But sometimes, stupid things from broadcast message just stumble upon my twitter timeline.
and this evening, I got this one.
just for fun! (for girls, don’t tell boys)
ladies lets have a little fun with the status and make the guys really confused because they hate it when women start putting similar status on and they have no idea what were talking about. the idea is you put how many cms depending on your mood:
  • 12cm = completely crazy
  • 13cm = sleepy
  • 14cm = bored at home or at work
  • 15cm = party time
  • 16cm = miss my ex
  • 17cm = really happy
  • 18cm = studying or working
  • 19cm = I’m stupidly in love
  • 20cm = sexually satisfied
  • 21cm = in love with the wrong man
  • 22cm = with my boyfriend but in love with somebody else
  • 23cm = want sex
  • 24cm = really happy with my love
the idea is that you put “mmmm…..” in front of the cms
example: mmmmm…… 16cm
join in the fun and send to your mates.

Very pukeworthy, I’d say. And the mischievious me did not stay still. I added some crops to the cream:
25cm = Ma, aku hamil!
26cm = laki gua mau poligami!
27cm = laki gua mandul!!!
28cm = laki gua ketabrak truk gandeng.
29cm = gua sekarang janda. PIN gua 63cfsekiansekian.
30cm = gua masuk UGD. terongnya nyangkut di dalem.
31cm = gua abis kena gendam.
32cm = gua dibacok orang di club!
33cm = gua udah dikafani. jangan kirim BM lagi, cyiiin.
34cm = gua lagi ditanya sama munkar-nakir!!!!

Some (what-so-called smart)phone users are obviously mentally challenged. Disagree me. Sue me. Stupids.


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